Limit on Overdose Calls?

A Middletown, Ohio City Council member is proposing a limit on overdose calls by first responders. 

Dan Picard said Thursday the city manager is looking into the legal issues surrounding his proposal, which would limit drug users to two overdose responses.  Each time, a user would receive a summons and be required to do community service. 

If users don't show up for court or don't complete the service, then overdose a third time, Picard says first responders would not come to help.  

But not all of law enforcement agree.  

A Dayton man overdosed on opioids and was saved by the antidote Narcan many times.  Police Major Brian Johns tells the "Dayton Daily News" the man has had to be saved 20 times.  

However, Johns says he doesn't agree with the Middletown city councilman, who's calling for a "three strikes" policy for rescuing those who overdose.

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