Chillicothe Council Passes Tax Budget, Website Allocation

Chillicothe Council passed the city budget Monday evening...but not quite the real one.

After a public hearing before the session, council approved the so-called "tax budget" that is required by the state, to allow the county to estimate revenue. 

City Auditor Krystal Spetnagel explained that this is not the opearating budget where she will consider requests from each department in the fall - it's a forecast based on historical trends. 

The total of this draft budget is $18 million dollars. 

The city will be getting a new website soon, after council's vote Monday evening.

Technology Chair Dustin Proehl said $17,700 is a good price for creation, and five years of maintenance.  

He said the new website will allow better posting by department heads, be mobile friendly, and have many features - like registering park shelter houses online, and logging photos of potholes. 

It should be ready in three to six months. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture

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