Dye Test at Lake White Next Week

Continuing efforts to monitor and assess water levels at Lake White since the construction of a new dam at the state park in Pike County, contractors for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and the Ohio Department of Transportation will be conducting a dye test in the lake early next week.

Lake levels have remained more stable since the lake was returned to winter pool in late June to allow for a safety inspection of the newly constructed dam and to identify the cause of any possible water movement. The dam continues to be secure and operating properly.  The next step to be undertaken by Stantec, the project’s consultant, will be to utilize dye to determine if the water levels are holding or if water is drawing down into the water table and rising to the surface outside the lake.

Engineers from Stantec will be conducting the test by injecting fluorescent dye into the water on the lake side. The test will be conducted on Monday, July 31, and the colors injected will vary from red and yellow-green to possible blue. The dye is non-toxic and biodegradable, and the coloration of the lake water can last up to one week.

Earlier today, July 26, Sunesis crews reopened S.R. 552 and Forest Hills Drive at their intersection with S.R. 104. Although S.R. 104 remains closed south of S.R. 552, crews will be completing finishing work on the south side of the construction zone in the coming week, and the route will be reopened to traffic soon. 

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