Haunted Mountain Making Major Changes in 2017

Tecumseh closed two weeks ago, but things have not been quiet on Sugarloaf Mountain.  Haunted Mountain is preparing its return. It's an innovative, interactive and terrifying attraction from the creative team behind Tecumseh. 

Now in it’s third year, Haunted Mountain will be feature more scenes, an expanded loop trail around the stages of the theatre and a maze nearly tripled in size from the 2016 version.

(Rachel Abbott as Natasha in the 2016 version of the Haunted Mountain escape room....few made it out!)

But the biggest addition to the trail this year will be the laser tag zombie hunt.  Visitors will be issued laser tag guns before they enter the trail, and be on the hunt for zombies throughout the trail.  20 targets both living and undead will be posted throughout the trail.  Each group through the trail will be competing with each other for the most zombie take downs.  The company worked directly with Staradian Laser Technologies in Indiana to create the platform for the game.  Staradian is the worlds leading maker of high quality laser tag equipment.

Raymond Speakman, who is the technical director for Tecumseh!, has been working on plans for Haunted Mountain since last October.  He says hair raising special effects, a vortex tunnel, a fully realized pyramid room and a revamped zombie outbreak will thrill visitors. 

CEO, Brandon Smith said “There’s a lot of fun in it too.  We never set out to be the bloodiest, most gruesome haunt in Ohio.  Some of the scenes are meant to make you laugh as well as be frightened.  The haunt was created to produce old school scares and while there will be a fairly gory and highly theatrical zombie attack, Haunted Mountain is about fun, not gore.  However, we don’t recommend it for kids under 10 years of age.”

“We’ve also added a new escape room this year.  Last year we did our first and it was a huge hit.  So we’ll be bringing that one back as well as adding this new one based on one of Allan W. Eckert’s books….The Scarlet Mansion.”

The walking tour takes approx. 35 minutes and will take visitors on and behind the stages of Tecumseh, comfortable walking shoes are recommended.  After their tour, guests will be invited to try their hand at Laser Tag as well as a new escape room.  Refreshments will be available. 

Tickets for the Zombie Hunt are $25 and include the escape room, complimentary refreshments and more.  Those who aren’t interested in doing the laser hunt can purchase the classic haunt for just $13. Haunted Mountain is sponsored by The Ross Chillicothe Convention and Visitors Bureau.

For further information about the Haunted Mountain attraction visit hauntedmountain.org or call The Scioto Society at (740) 775-4100.

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