U.S. Rte 50 Reopens to One Lane Near Bainbridge

U.S. Route 50 in Ross County has been reopened to traffic after the roadway was rebuilt for the remainder of a landslide remediation project that is under way near Bainbridge. It will remain open to one lane traffic, until the project is complete.

U.S. 50 was closed on September 18, for contractors to construct a temporary road in order to keep the route open to one lane through the remainder of the construction project. Although the road has been rebuilt, crews will continue driving sheeting along the roadside in order to provide stability for the installation of drilled shafts for the new retaining wall. 

The original landslide project, which calls for reconstructing U.S. 50 just west of Township Road 150 (California Hollow Road) and three miles east of Bainbridge, has been on hold since early June after encountering a series of setbacks and the project had to be redesigned. Although contractors had completed portions of the original project through the 0.13-mile work zone, the new design now includes building an additional, 128-foot drilled shaft retaining wall at the west end of the construction zone with 32, 90-foot beams.

Barring any additional complications, the route will remain open to one lane of traffic and maintained by signals through the remainder of the project; however, it will be subject to short-term intermittent periods of closure during operations to maneuver the 90-foot beams over the roadway and set these in place. These periods of closure will result in 15 to 20 minute delays while traffic is stopped and held.

With the route open to traffic, motorists are reminded to reduce their speed and use additional caution through the work zone. Drivers should also allow additional travel time.

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