Lake White Dam Leaks Still Unsolved

A Tuesday night public meeting in Waverly that was to provide updates about the status of the Lake White Dam leaks, left some people with more questions than answers. 

The Columbus Dispatch reports that state officials told those in attendance that even after completion of a nearly $32 million dam-renovation project, it remains unsafe to let the lake fill to a normal level, due to continuing leaks. They also admitted they don’t know what the problem is or why it happened.

Officials from the Ohio Department of Transportation, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and Stantec, the engineering design firm that the state hired for the project, gave a presentation to the approximately 120 people at the informational meeting arranged by the Pike County Chamber of Commerce.

In 2014, the lake was drained and the project began after significant leaks, caused by years of erosion, were discovered at the base of the dam built in 1935. ODOT reopened Route 104 atop the dam this summer, and the water level was allowed to rise again in May.

Go to the Columbus Dispatch website for more details. CLICK HERE....

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