Former Pike Deputy Pleads Guilty in Shooting Death of Neighbor

A former Pike County sheriff's deputy has pleaded guilty to Reckless Homicide in the fatal shooting of his neighbor. 

The Chillicothe Gazette reports former deputy, Joel Jenkins, made the plea Monday as part of a deal to reduce his time in prison for a gun specification charge. 

Jenkins's trial for the 2015 fatal shooting of Jason Brady, 40, was set to begin Monday, but the plea deal was struck prior to its start. 

Jenkins had been showing Brady how to disarm an assailant at Jenkin's home in early December of 2015 when the gun they were using discharged and struck Brady in the head.

Jenkins faces between nine months and three years on the Reckless Homicide charge. He will serve at least one year in prison on the gun specification. 

It's not the first time Jenkins was in court this year involving a deadly shooting. A jury found Jenkins not guilty in January of this year in the fatal shooting of 26-year-old Robert Rooker following a police pursuit in March of 2015.

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