Car Trouble Leads to Capture of Burglary Suspects

Two people face a charge of Burglary after a spot of car trouble led a Ross County Sheriff's deputy to discover evidence of the crime.

According to Ross County Sheriff, George Lavender, a member of the office's patrol division was assisting two females who were experiencing vehicle trouble in the Slate Mills area.

While assisting the two women, a deputy noticed a pair of gloves in the vehicle that matched the description of gloves worn by the suspect of a burglary at a residence in the 10,000 block of State Route 180.

The deputy offered to follow the women to an apartment at 2441 Anderson Station Road. On arrival, the deputy asked to come in and talk about the gloves. The resident, Clyde Jones, 26, agreed and a subsequent search of his person resulted in the discovery of items reported stolen during the burglary.

A search warrant was then requested and the Major Crimes Task Force was called in to assist at the scene. Numerous other pieces of property reported stolen in the burglary were soon found in the home.

Clyde Jones was charged with Burglary as a result of the discoveries. The two females, identified as Mary Jones, 24, and Tiffany Clifton, 26, were each charged with Obstruction of Official Business and Resisting Arrest. Sheriff Lavender says a second suspect in the burglary, Shane Gossett, 33, will also be charged with Burglary.

Clyde Jones

Mary Jones

Tiffany Clifton

Shane Gossett

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