Dewine To Visit Chillicothe for BCI Science School


Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine will join dozens of students from Ross and Pickaway counties as they experience a Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) Science School learning day at a Chillicothe barn on Thursday.

Launched statewide in March, BCI Science School was developed by the Ohio Attorney General's Office to help expose fourth grade students in the classroom to the careers of forensic science, criminal investigation, and related careers at an early age. Students conduct hands-on, inquiry-based experiments in class and solve relevant challenges using critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

The program is available at no charge to Ohio teachers and students and is available on the Ohio Attorney General’s website.  Thursday’s event is an extension of traditional BCI Science School, which is usually done in a classroom setting. 

At the barn, kids will do additional experiments involving science and math that build upon the basic BCI Science School lesson plan they’ve already been through at their school.

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