What Are the Two Statewide Issues?

The November General Election is Tuesday and we're taking a look at the two hotly debated statewide issues that will appear before voters.

Issue 1, also known as Marsy's Law, is a constitutional admendment that would expand the rights of crime victims so they are protected as much as the criminals. That includes their right to privacy and protection. 

It would also require the state to alert victims when the convicted person leaves jail or prison. Supporters say crime victims and their families will have the right to be a voice in the judicial process. 

But opponents of Issue One, argue Ohio law already accomplishes that, and it could cost taxpayers more.

The most debated of the statewide issues is Issue 2, which is a proposed law that would required the state to not pay more for prescription drugs than the federal government. 

Supporters say Issue Two is the best way to crack down on Washington and drug companies. They argue Ohioans would save millions of dollars by paying the lowest known price for drugs. 

Opponents say implementing issue two would be impossible because, by law, the Federal Government doesn't disclose the minimum price it pays. They argue Issue Two could increase drug costs for two out of three Ohioans who don't have coverage provided by the state.

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