Ross County Election Results

Chillicothe City Council will remain mostly intact, after most of it's members were re-elected. Ceil Corcoran, Jean Kerney and Dustin Proehl were all winners for council-at-large. Ward winners include incumbents Beth Neal, Aaron Hines and Joel Fleurima. Pat Patrick and David Tatman were unopposed, while newcomer Lana Fairchild easily outdistanced a write-in candidate.

Ross Children's Services and Ross Senior Citizens Center's won big levy victories. Every township and village option up for a vote, were approved by voters.

Chillicothe Board of Education saw Bill Bonner, Jeff Hartmus and Steve Mullins as the top three voter getters.  

Ohio voters are throwing their support behind crime victims while resisting an effort to slash prescription drug prices.  Issue One, also known as Marsy's Law, passed overwhelmingly yesterday, creating a "bill of rights" for crime victims and their families.  The controversial Issue Two, which would have reduced the state's prescription drug costs for prisoners, the poor and injured workers, was soundly rejected after an expensive campaign fight from both sides.

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