Circleville Council Invited to Roller Derby, Hears More on Everts

Tuesday evening, Circleville Council got an invitation to a benefit roller derby. 

Morgan Ford is founder and president of the "Roundtown Roller Dolls."  She promoted "The Fight Before Christmas," a roller derby to help Haven House, a Circleville women's shelter, with toys and cleaning supplies. 

Skaters from Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia will show how it's done in the coliseum of the Pickaway County Fairgrounds just east of Circleville on Lancaster Pike, 5pm December 9th. 

It's $10 at the door, but the donation of cleaning supplies or a new unwrapped toy will get you a $5 discount. 

You can learn more on their Facebook page, "Roundtown Roller Derby."  

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City reuse of part of Everts School again came up. 

Proponents of a cultural arts center in the city-owned athletic and arts wing of the former school again asked council to take action - especially to prevent the gym floor from buckling, as the unheated building goes into winter. 

But council president David Crawford said he was part of recent talks with the "Pickaway Arts & Life Center" and they are working things out...including preparing a lease, if the group wants it. 

A state grant is available to renovate, but only if it's owned by a government for several years...which most of council has been reluctant to commit to, with their stressed-out budget. 

Crawford said the city is willing to get temporary heat into the building after January 1st if the Pickaway Arts & Life Center leases it. 

Proponents also pointed out that the city just passed an ordinance to require maintenance of vacant the school wing the city has been slow to act on for a few years. 

Former Everts School itself is now private property becoming senior citizen apartments, while the gym and industrial arts wing, as well as football field, remain city property. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture

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