Beware of Dangerous Toys

A consumer group wants you to be mindful of dangerous toys that are still on store shelves nationwide. 

In its 32nd annual "Trouble in Toyland" report, Mike Litt, Consumer Campaign Director of the U.S. Pubic Interest Research Group, said despite recent progress, consumers must still be wary when shopping for children's gifts.                  

Among the findings, some fidget spinners contain dangerously high levels of lead.  

Several toys contain small parts, but don't carry a warning label about it being a major choking hazard. 

The group is also warning of data-collecting toys that may violate privacy and could become a target for hackers.  

Other problems include very noisy toys, toys with batteries that can overheat and catch fire and small magnets that can be deadly if swallowed. 

Parents can find the group's list of unsafe toys as well as tips for safe toy shopping at


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