Downtown Building Damaged in Main St. Crash

Chillicothe Police were called the scene of a single-vehicle accident at the corner of Main and Mulberry Streets, Tuesday.

The driver of a westbound pick-up truck lost control of his vehicle sometime around 12:30 p.m., veered onto the sidewalk, and collided with the corner edge of the building on the corner of Main and Mulberry, east of the City Municipal Building. The truck came to rest on its side. A squad was called to the scene but the unidentified driver declined treatment. 

Captain Ron Meyers with the Chillicothe Police Department says the investigation into the cause of the crash remains ongoing. 

"It's not exactly clear what happened." said Captain Meyers. "The city engineer and building inspector are here to check the structural integrity of the building. We have also called in a traffic reconstruction expert to handle the investigation."

For now the westbound lane of Main at Mulberry is closed to traffic, with one eastbound lane remaining open. Captain Meyers says it's possible the intersection will be closed entirely to clear the wreck.

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