Circleville Council Passes Budget, Plans for Berger

City of Circleville - Water Tower

Tuesday evening, Circleville Council passed the city's 2018 budget.  But, there's more to do. 

Passage of the $24.1 million dollar budget ordinance is only a starting point.  Finance Chair Barry Keller says they're still waiting for carryover and projected revenue numbers, which won't be available until 2018...and an extensive adjustment after new years is standard practice for Circleville. 

Keller's committee also discussed adjusting to a new state law that affects municipal income tax, something every municipality in Ohio needs to do. 

A resolution opposing the proposed state law was discussed earlier, but it was never passed. 

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Council heard they will have extra work to do after council sessions. 

With voters having approved the Berger Initiative to allow ownership changes for the city-county-owned hospital, and a lease to a larger health system - council president David Crawford announced how they will deal with that. 

The "Committee of the Whole" - which is the entire council - will meet after council sessions starting in February, and running probably through June.  But, Crawford says he will be happy to have things wrapped up by the end of 2018. 

The CEO of Berger Health System also stopped in and thanked council for their past and upcoming efforts...and announced a "State of the System" dinner January 8th. 

Circleville Council also mentioned how they are working with "Heritage Ohio" to improve the historic downtown. 

And, they again heard more on the growing effort to turn the Everts School wing into an arts and recreation center...with a request for action from the city. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture

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