Pickaway Fairgrounds Renovation Squabble

The Pickaway County Commissioners say they are moving forward with a multi-phased plan to renovate their county fairgrounds.The project has drawn even more attention due to a dispute between the commissioners and the Pickaway Sportsman Extravaganza, who wanted to construct a new show arena, with them contributing at least $800,000. 

The rub comes in that Pickaway Sportsman Extravaganza President Mike Rittinger says his group is being told by the county commissioners that the Extravaganza has "no say in what is being built", so they have pulled their donation.

Pickaway Commissioner Brian Stewart claims the board has attempted to compromise with the Extravaganza over some of their requests, but government regulations prevent them from being able to do all the group is seeking and believes the group has "reneged" on their pledge to donate the funds.

Both sides agree that a new fairgrounds is needed, but whether these two sides can come together on a contribution is dim at this point. 

The Pickaway County Commissioners estimate the multi-phase renovation will cost between $10-$12 million and would begin with the first phase following the 2018 county fair.

The Sunday Communique Show featured interviews with Mike Rittinger and the Pickaway County Commissioners. If you missed the interviews, you can hear both on our podcast links found below...

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