Chillicothe Council Again Dominated by Piketon

The proposed resolution opposing the waste disposal site at the Piketon atomic plant again dominated the public participation in Chillicothe Council Monday evening.

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One of the speakers was Christy Renner, who explained that she was one of the first members of the volunteer board that recommended what to do with the site. 

She said members were given much opportunity to learn, and even visited sites in Idaho and Colorado.  She described it as "an education and a half."

But Renner said later members of the "Site Specific Advisory Board" were less prepared, and said they were cowed by "scare tactics."

She said a preliminary vote had seven members asking for more time to decide, and eight ready to commit to the board's recommendation.  But the final vote was 10 to approve, two opposed, and two abstaining. 

Renner said that should show some of the "shades of grey" regarding decisions about the site. 

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Alison Lake, an environmental scientist with site contractor Fluor BWXT, said there are misstatements about the geology of the site.

She said groundwater in the ancient valley is not flowing north, like the original river did before the glaciers.  She says it follows surface water south.  Additionally, the proposed dump site is on a bedrock shelf above the valley. 

Lake very carefully addressed concerns about fractures in the bedrock under the proposed dump site, and existing plumes of pollution from existing dumps in the facility: 

She said yes, there are fractures, and the proposed waste cell could leak - but the Department of Energy will know about it and take care of the leak - as they are for the existing leaks (or plumes) from the existing dumps on the facility...and they way they are pumping and treating the leaks is "above acceptable." 

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Council decided to meet in special session Wednesday, December 20th, for the third and final reading of the resolution. 

More than half an hour was given over to addresses from the audience, though many complained that proponents got more time than opponents. 

Read our news stories of previous public speaking on the topic in council sessions, and hear complete interviews when Chillicothe Council had heard about the topic September 25th, October 9th, October 16th, November 13th, and November 27th.  

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture

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