Prospect League Announces 2018 Baseball Schedule

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ELKVILLE, Ill. - The Prospect League, home to elite collegiate baseball players from across the country, released its 2018 game schedule Monday morning. Once again, each team will play a 60-game regular-season in the summer collegiate wood-bat league, opening Wednesday, May 30. 

“I am told by many of the [Prospect League] Directors and several of our coaches that the 60-game schedule is ideal for summer play. In many cases, the time-frame allows players some time off after the conclusion of the college season and still allows a week or so to get ready to return to their college homes and begin classes,” said Commissioner Dennis Bastien. 

“Being a former college coach, the 32-player roster allows for sufficient rest within the pitching rotation, no one is overworked, and several college coaches have said they are impressed with the care and use of their pitchers and players.” 

The schedule is designed to give players a taste of what minor league baseball is like. The teams travel by charter bus with numerous overnight series in opponents' cities. Playing 60 games in just under 70 days in great venues and in front of enthusiastic crowds provides a truly professional experience.  

The Prospect League adds one new team in 2018 from a familiar market. The Hannibal Hoots make their debut at Clemens Field in Hannibal, Missouri this coming summer. 

With the change in number of teams, the West Division has six teams and the East Division has five. Butler (Pa.), Champion City (Springfield, Ohio), Chillicothe (Ohio), Kokomo (Ind.) and West Virginia (Beckley) will play in the East Division. The West Division will include Danville (Ill.), Hannibal (Mo.) Lafayette (Ind.), Terre Haute (Ind.), Quincy (Ill.), and Springfield (Ill.). 

Following an off day after the final regular season date, the 2018 Prospect League playoffs begin Sunday, August 5, and will consist of a best-of-three divisional round followed by a best-of-three Prospect League Championship Series. “Every fan should look forward to watching their team’s season unfold this summer. It should be a great year for the Prospect League to continue its ongoing success,” Bastien added. 

The Prospect League master schedule is available on the league website. CLICK HERE...

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