Circleville Council Hear More on Fire, says Farewells

The recent fire was mentioned in Circleville Council Tuesday evening. 

Two families on Logan Street became homeless after both of their houses were burned out Sunday.  There were no injuries, but they lost everything. 

Mayor Don McIlroy said if the city hadn't reopened fire station number two last February, it could have been worse.  He said the response would have been 5 minutes with only the north fire station if a train had come though town.  Instead, it was 1 1/2. 

Five other units came in to help fight the fire, which remains under investigation. 

McIlroy said there are opportunities to help the eight people affected.  There's information in the local newspaper.  Rural King also has a way to donate. 

Council said farewell to four members, most of whom had filled vacated seats, but they were appointed too late to run in the election as anything but write-in candidates. 

2018 will see all council members Republican, except one Independent, and a re-elected Democratic council president.  The new members were included in an executive session on bargaining. 

Supporters of developing a cultural arts center again spoke to council...and turned in the sole response to a request for proposals to redevelop the wing of former Everts School.  The city was considering reconnecting the utilities after January 1st to help the building weather the winter. 

Committee meetings also included discussions on starting a Land Bank...and a possible abandoned building animal control ordinance.  

Mayor Don McIlroy disagreed with the latter, saying not only could the city find it hard to get compensated for the effort, but just doesn't have the budget to do it in the first place. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture

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