Chillicothe Council on Year-End Finances, DORA

In a regular session postponed because of Christmas, Chillicothe Council met Wednesday evening with finances dominating the agenda. 

Next year's budget had its first reading, after being added to the agenda by finance chair Dustin Proehl.  He said the timing is about par, with passage planned in a special session 6:30pm January 2nd. 

But Proehl said there will probably be some adjustments to the $19.5 million total - for example, costs between police and fire services. 

Five ordinances passed Wednesday were so-called "financial housekeeping," where unspent money will be put in to the carryover to 2018.  Proehl expects the carryover to be "strong" like last year. 

Council also said farewell to the sole member who will not be returning, Alicia Gray. 

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Council gave a late Christmas present to two areas of the city. 

Beth Neal saw her legislation pass, to create various possibilities for controlled outdoor drinking in the downtown and Bridge Street hotel area. 

Although it involves changing restrictions on alcohol, Neal said there was almost no opposition. 

She said the main reason for the DORA is to allow better outdoor eating plus walking, meaning less fencing and thus safer and more open sidewalks. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture

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