Good Health Habits are Contagious

For many of us, getting into better health is at the top of our new year’s resolution list. And believe it or not, research shows that good health habits are actually contagious.

Doctor Michael Roizen is a wellness expert at Cleveland Clinic. He says that the best thing we can do to stay on the right track is to find someone to tag along with.  

Roizen says that when we have a spouse or close friend who commits to a healthier lifestyle, it motivates us to follow suit.

In fact, a previous study found that when one partner made a change in their behavior, such as quitting smoking, starting an exercise program, or eating healthier - the other partner was more likely to make the same positive behavior change.

If you have a spouse or a group of close friends that don’t model healthy behaviors, it’s a good idea to make a plan to change those behaviors - together.

Roizen says that when you make a serious commitment to getting yourself in better health, you have to bring the family in on it. He says that by letting people know your plans, it helps make you more accountable for your actions and it also gives you the chance to get others to join you.  

He says that making a lifestyle change is a big commitment and it’s really important to have friends who you can call on. 

But Roizen says that, unfortunately, bad habits are infectious too.  He says that when we’re stressed we tend to fall into unhealthy habits and that’s when we need friends the most. 

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