Crime Victim Helps Catch Burglars

For the second time in less than a week, a victim of a burglary in Ross County aided law enforcement in catching the burglar.

Sheriff George Lavender reports that at approximately 11:30am Wednesday, his office received a call from a female in the 6000 block of U.S. Route 23, that as she was pulling in her driveway she observed two males in a red truck pulling out with a four wheeler taken from the property that belonged to her grandfather. 

The female began following the truck and stayed on the line with the sheriff dispatcher. The female kept following the vehicle and kept the dispatcher updated as to its location. The vehicle entered into Pike County where deputies from the Pike County Sheriff’s Office and officers from the Waverly Police Department were able to get it stopped. 

The two suspects in the vehicle were identified as 44-year-old David Lowery and 40-year-old William Woods. They were arrested by the Pike County Sheriff’s and charged with Felonious Assault as a result of the arrest in Pike County.

Deputies at the scene on U.S. 23 found evidence that the garage had been broken into. Both suspects will face further Felony charges in Ross County. 

Sheriff Lavender says the actions of the female victim and the cooperation between the different law enforcement agencies made the arrests of these two individuals possible.

Earlier in the week, another victim of crime saw the burglary taking place on her security camera remote, allowing her to notify the sheriff, which led to a speedy apprehension of the culprit in that case. 

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