Scene Support Group Looking for Members

A local effort is underway to establish an emergency scene support group in Ross County similar to one that's been operating for a few years in Pickaway County. The Ross County Fire and Rescue Association is now accepting volunteer members for the new Scene Support Group, Box 71.  

Paul Minney, Director of the Ross County Emergency Management Agency, says Box 71 would operate similar to its counterpart, Box 65 in Circleville.

"Box 71 is a scene support group that will operate out of Ross County," said Minney. "It will provide assistance during searches and fires, or any other type of emergency scene where their services might be needed."

Minney says the idea came about a few summers ago when firefighters working to battle a blaze in Kingston were left sickened by the extreme summer heat. He says Box 71 would offer shelter and refreshment to emergency support personnel when needed.

"If the Sheriff's Department has a scene where they need food and drink brought in, and need to get out of the weather, this would be a great opportunity," said Minney. "We had a search not to long ago at Ross Lake, and the only place available for searchers to get out of the weather was in the command post, and in those command post trailers, there's not a lot of room. Box 71 would be able to provide emergency personnel more room to rest and recuperate so they can get back to work feeling rejuvenated."

Box 71 would offer its services throughout Ross County, and possibly into parts of Highland, Fayette, Jackson, Vinton, Hocking and Pike Counties. Minney says anyone is welcome to volunteer. Emergency scene support training would be helpful, but is not required. He adds that Box 71 would be an excellent opportunity for retired emergency response personnel that would like to remain active in the field. 

If you're interested in volunteering to become a part of Box 71, just contact the Ross County Emergency Management Agency at 740-773-1700. You can also email Paul Minney at

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