Sheriff Cautions Citizens Against Chasing Criminals

A recent incident where the victim of a property theft followed after the thieves, resulted in the culprits being arrested and no one injured- despite the thieves stopping and confronting the victim who was chasing them.

Ross County Sheriff Chief Deputy T.J. Hollis urges victims of crime NOT to get involved in pursuing crooks, but keep your distance if you are trying to follow a fleeing criminal, for fear of what could go wrong. Hollis says the most important thing is call law enforcement with a description of the culprits and let them handle the pursuit.

Sheriff George Lavender even stated that he's telling his deputies not to get into high-speed chases over "minor incidents" with fleeing criminals, if the deputies have already identified the crooks. 

The sheriff says this will hopefully eliminate the risk of causing innocent motorists from being injured by the fleeing criminal over something that is minor. Those suspects can be captured later.

Lavender says a high speed chase should only being engaged in pursuing serious criminals where the public is endangered by a suspect.

To hear the recent Communique interview with Ross County Sheriff George Lavender and Chief Deputy T.J. Hollis, click our podcast link below....

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