Ohio Sheriff Urges Armed Personnel in Schools

florida school shooting

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones is taking to Twitter to say that it's time to re-think traditional fire drills as a way of handling school security incidents.

Jones suggests letting students and staff know specifically where a fire has been reported, rather than just clearing them out of the building. He says students filing out of a building during these drills or what could be a planned fake alarm to get students out of the building, could be used by an assailant to cause mass casualties.

He adds that it's time to bring retired police officers and retired military personnel into the classrooms.  either that, or allow teachers to keep a gun close-by.

Sheriff Jones also believes armed personnel should be placed in every school and these people could be retired military or police officers. Either that, he says, or allow teachers to keep a gun close-by.

Jones is making his suggestions known to both Ohio Governor John Kasich and President Donald Trump.

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