Pike County Prepares for Possible Major Flooding Event

Pike County Sheriff Charles Reader is warning residents of his county about severe flooding this weekend for those who live near the Scioto River. Taking to his Facebook site, Sheriff Reader says there is "great potential" for people becoming trapped in swift moving waters.

Reader says he has met with the county EMA Director and Piketon Police Chief to prepare for flash flooding and the possibility of complete flooding in low lying areas of Pike County especially near and along the Scioto River, Piketon, Jasper, and State Route 104. 

The sheriff is urging residents to make a plan of action to evacuate due to the river reaching a potential flooding stage greater than has been seen since 1963. 

EMA Director Tim Dickerson will open the EOC (Emergency Operations Center) Saturday in preparation for the 2-4 inches of rain that will create flash flooding and create a greater potential for the Scioto River to reach flood stages most of us have not seen before.


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