Several Vinton Co. Roads Either Closed or Restricted for High Water

The Ohio Department of Transportation says high water has led to either closures or lane restrictions throughout the Vinton County area.

The following information is for Thursday, February 22nd.

Single lane restrictions have been issued in some areas with water only partially covering roadways.

Areas impacted by Single Lane Restrictions include:

Route 50 between SR 671 and SR 683

Route 124 between the Jackson County Line and SR 160 west

Route 677 between US 50 and SR 278

Closures have been issued for other roadways experiencing higher levels of water.

Areas impacted by Road Closures include:

US 50 between McAuthur and the SR 356 junction

Route 56 between SR 93 and SR 328

Route 160 between SR 32 and SR 324

Route 160 between SR 324 and SR 349

Route 278 between US 50 and the Hocking County Line

Route 328 between SR 93 and SR 56

Route 349 between the Jackson County line and SR 160

Route 356 between US 50 and the Athens County line


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