Candidate Makes Accusation of Piketon Dump Support

A candidate running against U.S. Representative Brad Wenstrup has accused him, and US Senator Rob Portman, of supporting a proposed nuclear waste dump at the former uranium processing plant near Piketon. 

In a news release on her Facebook page, Dr. Janet Everhard claims the two are doing this in a meeting Friday, closed to the public, where they will promise consolidation of the seven existing leaking on-site landfills if construction of the new landfill can continue.  

There has been public pressure against the new, consolidated dump, including a vote against it by Chillicothe Council. 

Everhard is running to unseat Wenstrup in Ohio's 2nd Congressional District, which includes Chillicothe and southern Ross County, and all of Pike, Highland, and areas to the southwest. 

A news release by US Senator Rob Portman about 6pm states that he secured commitment from the US Department of Energy today to clean up the landfills and their leaks at the Portsmouth Gaseous Discussion Plant...but does not mention the proposed consolidated landfill.

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