Chillicothe Council Hears DORA Progress, CVB Report

The downtown and Bridge Street hotel refreshment districts are under way. 

At the end of December, Chillicothe Council passed legislation to take advantage of a recent Ohio law to allow controlled open areas for alcohol consumption. 

Monday evening, Beth Neal said the DORA or "Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area" has been approved by the state.  After some paperwork, Neal says there's just some planning needed - like how to designate what cups are from what buisinesses, and signage. 

Neal said things should be ready by warm weather. 

She also wants input for a future meeting on regulating food trucks.  The city needs to create legislation, but Neal says the more she has delved into the needs, the more complex it becomes over such things as safety, insurance, and fire suppression. 

Neal asked for a working session committee meeting in council March 26th. 

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Chillicothe Council heard good news from the tourism office. 

The head of the Ross-Chillicothe Convention & Visitors Bureau, Melody Young, gave her 2017 annual report, and she said she was happy to do so with more visitors last year after moving to 230 North Plaza Boulevard.  

Their new office location is closer to most visitors, behind the new hotel off North Bridge Street. 

She said getting some of the city's share of the "bed tax," a fee collected from overnight stays, has helped gain exposure in the state.  

Instead of having to choose only some of the state information centers, they could put local information in ALL of them. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture



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