State Enlists Churches in Drug Addiction Fight

Former Major League Baseball great Darryl Strawberry and his wife Tracy, joined Ohio Lt. Governor Mike Dewine at Ohio Chistian University in Circleville, Monday, to share their story of hope for those struggling with drug addictions.

The Strawberry's, who are now both ordained Christian ministers and recovering drug addicts, spoke about how their faith played a major role in their recovery. They both say the "faith community" needs to be a vital role in solving the national crisis with addiction.

Strawberry Ministries offers training for a program called "Clean, Sober, Saved", where they will come into communities to train churches on faith-based recovery. They simply ask that multiple churches come together in this ministry. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION...

Mike Dewine, who is also a Republican candidate for governor, says the faith community needs to know their input is vital to recovery and the state government wants their contribution.

To hear comments from Darryl & Tracy Strawberry and Lt. Governor Mike Dewine on the role faith can play in addiction recovery, go to our podcast links below....

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