Ross Sheriff Warns Culprits About School Threats

The Ross County Sheriff is again warning that he will arrest anyone that makes threats against schools or other institutions, even if they culprit is a teenager. Sheriff George Lavender says along with resource officers that share time at various schools, he's telling patrol deputies to become more visible at county schools.

The sheriff says they are sending their patrol divisions to make random appearances at the schools, along with the part-time resource officers that share time among the county schools. Lavender says the unannounced visits are schools will keep potential attackers guessing what schools might have an armed presence on a given day.

In a related note, two teens in Portsmouth were arrested last week for posting threats against several schools in southern Ohio- including Waverly Schools.

iHeart Media News recently interview Ross County Sheriff George Lavender and Chief Deputy T.J. Hollis about this subject and other news items from the sheriff's office. Listen to that interview on our podcast link found below....

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