EMA Satellite Finds Home in Pike County

Pike County has become the home of a Communication Satellite designed to provide first responders access to communication devices and internet access when they are at incident scenes and events where service is interrupted or unavailable.  The satellite is a shared resource within the region but will be stored in a secured location within Pike County.

The Ohio EMA, a division of the Ohio Department of Public Safety, continues to support county emergency management activities by forward-deploying a satellite trailer in regions throughout the State.  Placing these trailers strategically around the State instead of in Columbus speeds deployment of these much-needed resources when necessary.

The single axle trailer weighs about 1,500 pounds and comes with a hitch so that it can be easily moved to any sight where communications are challenged.  It has its own wireless broadband router with dual 2.4 GHz, 8 dBi omni-directional LAN antennae.  While it can be plugged into an electric source, it also is equipped with a 1,000-watt portable generator to allow for stand-alone operation.  The satellite has an auto-pointer 1.2 meter parabolic dish and is capable of providing a discrete 1,000 foot radius Wi-Fi signal for as many as 30 users.

Sima Merrick, Executive Director of the Ohio EMA said in her presentation of the Satellite for Southeast Ohio, Southern Ohio and for the State, that Pike County is willing to house and host the satellite trailer and make the resource available to the region is a tremendous asset.  Merrick stated “I applaud all of you and your Emergency Management Agency” for making this valuable asset available to all of Southern Ohio. 

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