Flood Restrictions in Place Along Chillicothe Floodwall Bike Path

Caution is being advised to those who utilize the bike path on the Chillicothe floodwall due to flooding.

In a release issued Friday, the Chillicothe Engineering Department reported that lower elevations of the path have been closed for high water, with higher elevations remaining open.

They’re advising people to heed the closure by not attempting to go around the gates, as doing so could be dangerous. They say the Scioto River has risen to over 16 feet and the current is moving very swiftly.

It is expected the restrictions will remain in place through this coming Monday, April 9th. 

While the level of the Scioto is being monitored, the department says they’re not anticipating that any of the city’s three flood gates will need to be closed. The Army Corps of Engineers recommends only erecting the gates should the river reach a level of 30 feet.

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