City of Chillicothe To Auction Equipment June 16th

The City of Chillicothe is in the process of planning an auction of city equipment on Saturday, June 16th. 

Chillicothe Council President Bruce Arnold said the auction will be conducted in two separate formats, one live and one online. He says the live auction will be for larger pieces of equipment.

"That's mainly for the bigger items," said Arnold. 'It's going to be held in the Yoctangee Park in the lot by diamond #1."

Details are still being worked out but Arnold said smaller items would be up for bid online during the week prior to the live auction.

"The week before that, they're going to have the smaller items on an online auction," said Arnold. "But, I don't know how many days prior to the date of the live auction."

He said many items will be up for bid including vehicles. "I saw a list of some of the vehicles and I was very surprised," said Arnold. "There's a 1991 S-10 with only 27,000 miles on it, and another S-10 with only 79,000 miles. It's just kind of a combination of equipment, but I have no idea the condition of it is though."

The auction is being organized by Chillicothe Parks and Rec Director, Bill Bonner. Complete details will be announced in the weeks leading up to the sale.

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