State Lawmakers Demand Action Against ECOT

State lawmakers on both sides of the political isle are weighing-in a day after the State Auditor released a troublesome audit on ECOT.

Republican State Representative Keith Faber, is himself running for Auditor, says ECOT abused the state's public trust, deceived parents, and hurt students. Faber's spokesperson says ECOT founder Bill Lager's campaign contributions of 36-thousand dollars, from 15 years ago, will be donated to high quality charter schools. In a statement, Faber's campaign for Auditor staff says Cristo Rey Schools, Dayton Early College and Breakthrough Schools will be the recipients.

Democratic State Representatives Teresa Fedor and Tavia Galonski are asking Attorney General Mike DeWine to appoint a special state prosecutor to probe ECOT. That, after Auditor Dave Yost's findings just released Thursday. Fedor and Galonski say they want to know whether state negligence contributed to additional taxpayer fraud, and whether state leaders are liable for additional fraud based on what Fedor and Galonski are labeling leaders' "negligence or malfeasance". 


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