"Stop Puppy Mills" State Campaign

Animal advocacy groups have been circulating petitions in Ohio, preparing to put an issue on the statewide ballot to hold commercial dog breeders to higher standards.

John Goodwin is with the Humane Society of the United States' "Stop Puppy Mills" campaign.  He says Ohio has more than 160 licensed dog breeders in the state but the number of operations overall is difficult to know.

While petitions are being gathered across the state for a ballot issue, he is hoping that won't be necessary if a bill at the statehouse is approved. 

He says some puppy mills are huge operations that are crudely operated.  Ohio is second to Missouri in the number of commercial dog breeders.  Goodwin says many of them in Ohio are operated among the Amish and he says some have been trying to work to be in compliance.  

Issues of concern include eliminating the stacking of wire cages, more room for the dogs, daily exercise and access to fresh water.

Goodwin says there's also a bill at the statehouse that, if signed into law, would eliminate the need for the petition drive.

Find out more at stoppuppymillsohio.com.

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