Circleville Council Buys Vehicles, Hears about GOBA

Circleville Council allowed the city to buy four new vehicles Tuesday evening. 

Finance chair Barry Keller said the city bought two SUV's as police cruisers, and two dump trucks with aluminum beds for the transportation garage.  Keller said they should be delivered within weeks. 

The police cars will need to be geared-up, so they'll either use lights and other parts of old cruisers, or sometimes new gear. 

And Circleville Council heard how the participants of GOBA enjoyed their hospitality. 

Mayor Don McIlroy reported the almost 2,000 cyclists in the "Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure" visited Roundtown Tuesday, and were made to feel at home. 

He said they camped out on the school grounds, and when their tents weren't enough in the rain, they were housed in the elementary school.  They coul dalso take city buses to the Pickaway County Fair. 

McIlroy said the cyclists enjoyed the downtown, with every businesses opening their door, and GOBA members eating out. 

And he said the new bike racks are not just for GOBA.  McIlroy said the idea is to bring more people downtown in different ways.  And if there's supposedly parking issues, ride a bike! 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture

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