A Lesson on Medical Marijuana

More than 150 business people and others, as guests of Ross County Safety Council, got an update on medical marijuana in the workplace at the PACCAR Medical Education Center Thursday.  

The presenter, Allison Sharer, is an "Ohio Certified Prevention Consultant" with the company Working Partners.  She advises on dealing with alcohol and other drugs in the workplace.   

She gave a packed one-hour talk on the complicated factors in dealing with Ohio's upcoming medical marijuana law.  Sharer said implementation is near, but the state is a little behind...partly because the rainy weather has slowed marijuana growth.  

Sharer said "we're in the midst of trying to change our relationship with our culture's most widely used illicit drug."  

She said that medical marijuana is not a prescription...but something different, that is still technically illegal at the Federal level...but being experimented with, by many states.  

There are more resources online, including a link to her statewide e-learning webinar August 23rd.  

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture

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