Circleville Council Considers Antenna, Park

Circleville Council could not pass legislation with three members absent Tuesday evening, but a committee looked at upcoming legislation. 

Council has been discussing how Verizon has offered to replace the city's radio communication tower with a larger one.  But in the Judicial Committee, Julie Strawser reviewed legislation to look into that a little more. 

It will authorize the mayor to look into legal advice.  Since Verizon will pay rent for the tower, she said she wants to get the best for the city. 

The committee also discussed a land swap in Ted Lewis Park, which is undergoing renovations.  A new road will clip the corner of the Soldiers Monument parcel, so the city will trade about .014 acres.  But it will enhance the monument, and Strawser says the group who maintains it is happy with the deal. 

Both items were recommended to be passed in the next council session. 

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The chair of Public Service & Finance, Todd Brady, made a motion to allow the mayor to negotiate for a parcel next to Barthelmas Park.  

He said the city isn't sure it will buy, but joked that they're not building any more land next to city parks, and this is an opportunity to look into. 

That might add 20 acres to the 32-acre park on the southeast corner of the city, which he said could be used for parking and more ball diamonds. 

Brady also discussed legislation to allow renovations to the elevator in the Police & Municipal Court building.  He said the one in City Hall also needs renovated, but they have to choose, and he said the other elevator gets more use. 

That should be passed in the next council session. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture

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