Drug User with Knife Charges Officer

28-year-old Eric T. Pettiford of 600 West 5th Street, Chillicothe, Ohio who charged at a police officer with a knife while on meth

A Chillicothe Police officer managed to avoid being stabbed by a drug user early the morning of July 4th. 

The Police Department reports that at about 3am Officer Adam Steele was dispatched to where 28-year-old Eric T. Pettiford of 600 West 5th Street said he was standing in the middle of Western Avenue and University Drive, waiting to turn himself in. 

But before Steele could completely get out of his cruiser, Pettiford took off his shirt screaming "woo woo" and charged at him, swinging a large knife at his face.  Steele ducked and tackled him. 

Pettiford admitted to being awake for two days while using methamphetamine or “ice.” There was no warrant for Pettiford's arrest...but he was charged with felonious assault.

Captain Larry Bamfield wrote, with the news release, "this shows the dangers officers deal with almost on a daily basis when dealing with people who are using various drugs. "

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