Missing Equipment A Problem for Ohio V.A. Facilities

Over the past three years, Veterans Affairs facilities in Ohio have lost track of more than $1 million dollars worth of medical equipment. Inventory records obtained through a Freedom of Information request show items like cell phones, ipads and computers "could not be located." 

Expensive medical devices were also declared "lost." Things like a patient sign-in kiosk worth $8,500, a $28,000 bedside monitor and a stretcher worth more than $12,000 - all deemed "lost." 

Between 2014 to 2017, it adds up to more than $1.1 million dollars worth of items used to care for veterans.

The Chillicothe V.A. Medical Center reportedly lost $279,912 worth of equipment and material. The Columbus V.A. is reported to have lost $318,068 in equipment. The V.A. in Cleveland reports a loss of $234,867 worth of equipment. The V.A. in Cincinnati reportedly lost $200,634 in equipment, with the V.A. in Dayton claiming an equipment loss of $90,305.

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