Circleville Council Hears About Railroad, Streets

The railroad that divides the town was discussed in Circleville Council Tuesday evening. 

Public Service Director Don Sherman explained that Norfolk Southern wants to eliminate some grade crossings to improve safety. 

Sherman said, of the four he recommended, the end of West Mill Street, and Huston Street at a spur, are "no brainers"...but West Ohio Street and East Corwin Street might be tricky. 

Council agreed to continue communications with the Ohio Rail Development Commission on the topic, but action will take time.  Sherman said it may be at last a year until work is done.  

The city could get about $50,000 for each rail crossing eliminated. 

As for the dream of a grade separation?  If that's even possible, it will take many years. 

Council also heard complaints about street paving. 

A few residents said there was too much loose gravel and the surface was very rough.  But Public Service Director Don Sherman said this is just the beginning. 

The city is using a different technique to pave more streets with less money, in three layers.  The first looks very rough. 

Sherman said this was only the first day of paving, and some of the application rates may need to be tweaked. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture

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