Deer Creek Plans "Market In The Park"

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Market in the Park returns to Deer Creek State Park for another run this August. The market, which has taken place for more than a decade, will run from Friday, August 24th to Saturday, August 25th. 

The event is held annually to promote camping at the park while increasing foot traffic from the general public. 

"It's just an opportunity for the people that come here and camp to bring items with them to the park and sell them," said Carl Dickey, President of the Friends of Deer Creek State Park. "You can find just about anything from campers to cars, just about anything you can think of."

Guns and knives are the only items prohibited at the sale. 

Camping for this year's market is already at capacity but Dickey says the Friends of Deer Creek are still inviting the public to come out and have a look around.  He adds that the Friends of Deer Creek will also be on hand during the event to feed those who attend.

"We have food sales going on that Friday and Saturday," said Dickey. "Friday we do lunch and dinner, and Saturday we do breakfast and lunch."

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