Grange Chapters Still Work for Rural Areas

There are not as many Grange chapters as there once were, but the history of the Grange has been groundbreaking when it comes to Rural America.

Elmdale Grange member Roger Crago says the Grange helped create many assistance programs that have built Rural America. Among them are Rural Electrification, bringing phones to rural areas, school lunches, Soil Conservation Service, Farmer's Home Administration, school milk program and watershed rograms to name a few.  

Steve Gary of Clarksburg Grange says local Grange chapters also raise money each year, for local community projects.

The Elmdale and Clarkburg Grange's come together during the Ross County Fair each year to operate the Pomona Grange food vendor under the grandstand, with proceeds going to charitable activities.

Roger Crago and Steve Gary appeared on the iHeart Media Communique to discuss the Grange efforts. Listen to it on our podcast link below...

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