Prayer Effort for Schools "B4 The Bell"

A former high school coach and referee of many years is leading an effort to get community members to gather for prayer one morning each month at our local schools. Lynn Strehle says they are calling this "B4 The Bell".  

Inspired by the challenge that schools and their communities face with school violence around the nation, Strehle says he is asking the faith community to come together to lift up educators and their students in prayer.

Several area schools have been contacted, with about five already granting permission for the public prayer effort that is being encouraged over a 24-minute session sometime between 6:30am-8am. The 24 minutes represent 24 hours in the day.

Strehle says they are not asking the schools to sponsor the effort, knowing the legal limitations public schools face. He is simply asking schools for permission for groups to gather on or near the campus prior to the start of the school day, one morning per month.

For more information, call Strehl at (740) 649-9128 or email to

Listen to Mike Smith's iHeart Media Communique interview with Lynn Strehle on our podcast link below....



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