Circleville Council Hears About Revitalization, Pay Raises

Tuesday evening, Circleville Council had an hour-long hearing on doing the same revitalization Chillicothe has done.

Mayor Don McIlroy said he supports a citizen initiative to create a 150-acre revitalization district for downtown Circleville.  He said it's necessary to bring in more businesses and assist existing ones. 

Former Chillicothe council member Nancy Ames gave advice on how it was done, and the effect it has had since 2014.  Part of the benefit would be additional alcohol permits as a draw to mostly food-focused businesses. 

Authorizing legislation might be ready to vote on, in a month.  Hear audio of most of the hearing below. 

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Circleville Council heard some resistance against getting a raise. 

Council president David Crawford said a special council committee was able to accomplish a review of city officials pay rates, well ahead of its deadline. 

In March, Crawford had suggested to do that, since they had not had a raise in three years.  He said this would help get good candidates.

But Mayor Don McIlroy was opposed to getting a raise, saying the money would be better spent for other officials.  He said the Safety Director who oversees police and fire is only part time, and the money would be better spent to make that full time. 

McIlroy said he did not run for office for the money, but to make a difference. 

Crawford said legislation may be ready for next session.  Council went into executive session afterward on "compensation for employees."

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture



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