Area Routes Closed Due To Flooding

(ODOT District 9, Chillicothe  — The following routes in the District 9 area have been closed due to flooding:


• S.R. 41 near the 8.0-mile marker and C.R. 2 (Bentonville Road);

• S.R. 73 between the 13.0-mile marker near C.R. 18 (Jaybird Road) and the community of Rarden near the 1.5-mile marker in Scioto County.

• S.R. 348 between the 2.0 and the 3.0-mile markers at C.R. 5 (Compton Hill Road) and at multiple locations between the 10.0-mile marker near C.R. 18 (Blue Creek Road) and the 13.5-mile marker at the Scioto County line;

• S.R. 781 at the 10.98-mile marker and the junction with S.R. 348.


• S.R. 124 near the 15.0-mile marker and the junction with S.R. 772 in the community of Idaho;

• S.R. 220 near the 10.5-mile marker and C.R. 51 (River Road).


• S.R. 73 near the 1.5-mile marker and the village of Rarden;

• S.R. 348 at the 6.2-mile marker and the junction with S.R. 73 at Otway;

• S.R. 104 between the 6.0- and 7.0-mile markers, just north of the junction with S.R. 73.

The duration of closure of these routes is unknown, and motorists will need to seek alternate routes.

Motorists are also reminded to use additional caution when traveling over routes which remain open but where standing water may be present.


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