Grants Help Working Poor with Addiction Treatment

Funding through the "21st Century Cures Act" is allowing Paint Valley ADAMH Board to get the working poor help with addiction treatment.

Penny Dehner, the board's executive director, says the help they are getting through funding in the "21st Century Cures Act", is enabling them to assist those needing treatment, who can't afford the deductibles.

Dehner says they also approached their treatment providers and asked them to "right-off" some of that treatment expense, since they usually have a sliding scale for low income individuals needing treatment. This frees up more of their grant dollars to help even more people.

Dehner says the best way to treat the addicted is doing it early in the process, while those individuals still have employment and their family support.

To hear our iHeart Media Communique interview with Penny Dehner, go to our podcast link found below...



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