Ohio Inspector General Investigation Finds Wrongdoing by ODNR Park Manager

An Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Park Manager is accused of an Abuse of Position in relation to improper reservations for campsites at a State Park in Bainbridge.

According to an Ohio Inspector General investigation report released on Tuesday, The ODNR filed a complaint with the Inspector General's Office in October of 2017 alleging that ODNR Park Manager 5, Tammy Knisley, of Peebles, instructed park staff to reserve campsites for her family members and friends, and failed to pay applicable reservation fees, contrary to ODNR Policy.

The Inspector General’s investigation determined that Knisley ordered another employee to place holds on eight campsites for her friends and family members at Pike Lake Campground for a popular fall event that routinely sells out months in advance. This violated ODNR policy which requires employees to make all personal reservations through the call center or public website. In addition, Knisley failed to pay the full cost of the reservation, including the cost of the campsites and reservation fees, at the time the campsites were secured as required by policy.

The report of investigation includes three recommendations to the ODNR. The Inspector General recommends the ODNR review the actions of Knisley and take appropriate administrative action, and to consider whether a new internal policy regarding campground reservation should be implemented. The office also recommends the ODNR consider designating an employee to periodically review campsites that have been closed and ensure they are closed for a valid reason.

The full investigative report can be viewed HERE

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