Circleville Council on Preview Night

Circleville Council convened on "preview night" of the Pumpkin Show Tuesday evening. 

While locals had the festival to themselves, the Vice President of the event mentioned a highlight this year - not just a new stage location, but more shows.  

Councilman Barry Keller says they have a new entertainment committee who helped with that.  While they usually have about 20, this year they will have more than 30 shows.   

But some things never change, like having seven parades during the festival.  

Then on Sunday, after tear-down, the whole town gets a rinsing by the fire department...and it's like the festival never happened. 

Learn more at  See also our photos of preview night.  

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Circleville Council voted on some city reorganization, and sharing costs, Tuesday evening. 

Tom Spring said the city refined their ward boundaries after being asked by the Board of Elections, because of overlapping census blocks. 

He says at one point a candidate campaigned in another precinct because it was so confusing.  

Spring also saw Council agree to allow sharing the costs for law enforcement training.  Neighboring agencies will share costs for speakers at Ohio Christian University.  

Council also voted on getting more into MARCS Radios, and to improve fingerprinting for the community for background checks. 

They delayed voting on penalties for intentional traffic noise, and giving most officials a pay raise. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture


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